A remarkable network of resources and a track record of success.

Our team maintains a focus on entrepreneurial investment opportunities that correlate to our in-depth understanding of the competitive environment and dynamics at work within a given industry. As operators and entrepreneurs in our respective fields, we draw on first-hand experience concerning the critical growth issues facing companies evolving as leaders.

In addition to our own private capital, LUCOR has close investing relationships with a number of private equity firms & high net worth investors with committed capital in excess of $1 billion. We involve outside capital as appropriate based on the requirements of an investment opportunity.


We believe our most valuable asset is a multi-disciplined network of resources that our team has developed based on years of experience across a wide range of industries. Of prime benefit to Lucor and its investment partners, this network covers the entire spectrum of services, including key alliances in the academic, medical, R&D, non-profit, investment banking and venture capital communities.

We've also built excellent working relationships over the years with leading service providers such as law firms and executive search groups, instilling tangible advantages and strengths to all of our capital venture endeavors.




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