Lucor Capital Partners (LUCOR) is a private equity firm dedicated to exceptional investment opportunities in a wide range of disciplines. By strategically combining our knowledge, expertise and experience with an extensive network of industry alliances, we've established an enviable record of supporting - and profiting from - forward-looking ventures.

Our company motto succinctly embodies our goal: To gain, profit and win!

LUCOR is the natural evolution of our founder's notable history in healthcare, financial services, supply distribution, and manufacturing, on a global basis. Founder, and Managing Partner Mark Gainor draws on more than 40 years' experience in developing and operating entrepreneurial enterprises and globally commercializing innovative products & opportunities. In the process, he developed a remarkable sense of outstanding investment opportunities with entrepreneurs.

Today, in collaboration with a growing stable of industry specialists, Mark and his executive team prudently continue the diversification of Lucor's portfolio with particular focus in SE Asia emerging markets. It's the perfect venue for a leadership group made up of individuals who have an impressive record of success in investment banking, including private equity investing, mergers/acquisitions and business development to assist companies achieve goals they so much desire.

Lucor's wide-ranging investments include venture capital, mezzanine and acquisition opportunities, plus management buyouts, financial restructurings and distressed debt situations.

Our investment history ranges from capital ventures as small as $500,000 to more than $15 million. In addition to internal funding, Lucor has access to substantial capital funds through our strong relationships with both individual and institutional investors.

Lucor's key managers take their investor roles very personally - which is not surprising since they are, in fact, personal investors in the firm's capital ventures. It's also one of the reasons why the firm's involvement in an opportunity generally entails a very active role, including Board representation in most cases.


At LUCOR CAPITAL PARTNERS, the protection of our investors' interests is paramount in our decision-making process. Our record of success reflects a smart and prudent approach to investing:

  • We focus on investments that complement the firm's collective and substantial expertise

  • We evaluate investment opportunities with an eye toward sustainable development

  • We seek innovative ventures that promote social as well as economic benefits




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